Thursday, February 20, 2014

Australia: Veal and Ham Pie


I snipped this image right off google's search page. bam!
We went to Australia! It was very cozy and entertaining. I feel that since we had some company joining us for the evening the hubby and I were a little distracted from the educational side of Around The World Night. However, there is a gentle effort made towards finding some didgeridoo music and we all enjoyed ourselves very much.

The main recipe of the evening was Veal and Ham pie. This was a casserole style dish of the comfort food variety. Our family loved it so much that I think I should put it on the regular rotation.
The first layer: veal, ham, potato, salt, pepper, parsley

Just before my final layer of potato... this is how I spaced out my veal and ham.
Enough fixin's for two more layers. I divided my ingredients to get three layers total.

 After arranging all my layers I poured on a cup of broth (chicken stock is what I had on hand) and then dotted the top with 2 Tbsp butter and laid my freshly prepared and rolled out pastry dough over all. Baked all that nice and low and slow at 325 or so for 1 1/2 hours. Since I had the oven on already I threw in a apple crisp. It remains etched in  amy memory forever as completely lovely. However, we were too busy eating it to take a picture!

Penfolds red wine. Koonunga Hill. Shiraz Cabernet. From Australia.. of course!

Lovely little salad of fresh greens with a sprinkle of feta.

Veal and Ham Pie

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