Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Algeria: Kefta & Chakchouka

The flag of Algeria image taken from Wikipedia

The last Sunday of January got a little busy so we had our "around the world night" on Monday. I still went through all the motions with tracking the geography for the kids on Google maps and reading excerpts from the Wikipedia page... cause we went to Algeria!

image taken from Wikipedia
Maritime front of Bejaia image from Wikipedia
El Taref Province, In eastern Algeria. image taken from Wikipedia
taken from google maps

I learned first hand that the food from Algeria is colorful and delicious! I thouroughly enjoyed listening to an Algerian radio station while I was cooking and.... ahem... dancing... through the afternoon. So much fun!

 Kefta & Chachouka
L to R: Chakchouka (mixed vegetables with eggs) and Kefta (meatballs)

Making the chakchouka was an adventure in burning eyes... there are four large onions in the pan! Yes ladies, that's right... got all my crying done for days. I've heard it can be good from you, crying. Releases certain stress hormones. Anyways, onions red pepper and green pepper, salt and black pepper, a dash of vinegar and another of hot sauce... simmer it all into mush and then make little nests for the eggs. Crack the eggs into their nests and cover your skillet. Leave this on medium/low for ten minutes. Delish!

The original recipe for the Kefta called for deep frying those little things. I wasn't about to subject myself to that. So I made the balls with the basic recipe (almost exactly like my favorite Italian-style meatballs with the addition of mint) and then I dropped them in boiling water... then pan fried them a couple minutes to brown the outside. Quite yummy!

And I made a desert for our fancy meal of the week! It wasn't Alergian, but it was still delectable. 

Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding

We don't eat a lot of desserts around these parts... so I sure won some friends when I served this. I really like those moments when everyone is grateful at the same time. I will post the recipe for this in a separate post sometime!

I have been really enjoying traveling the world from the comfort of my kitchen. What an adventurous year this has turned out to be so far!

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