Silas wrote this for me for mothers day when he was in kindergarten. The small picture in the top left is by Hazel. That's her and me "having fun in the sun". I keep these on my fridge and try to live up to them.

I cook. And cook. And cook some more.

Often as much as three meals a day plus
snacks and drinks for five hungry people... and occasionally friends and larger family events! I spend so much of my life actually cooking that I rarely have a moment to write and grow and share about food beyond the fork and table. Recently, a few friends have mentioned that I change, physically... 'light up' somehow when the conversation turns to food. And that they would love to have some recipes. So here I go!

With this blog I hope to create a dynamic account of my culinary experiences. To have a place to share my comestible highs and lows. Here I will record with words and pictures all the soaring successes and the horrible food bombs. I have so much in my life that has been taught, learned and adventured through and I am grateful for all of it... here is a little window into my artistic soul as it whiles away the hours in the kitchen.

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