On The Regular

I have many foods that I prepare on a revolving basis and keep on hand for regular consumption. Any good quality, pure and wholesome foods that I want myself and my family to eat more of I usually put in a little kitchen time every week (or so) to keep this food on hand. Many things that others might take for granted as a 'non prepaired' food... such as yogurt... I try to make myself. Usually this extra effort is taken to save dollars vs. toxins. However, I get a lot of return from my investment on many levels. Here is a running list of regularly prepared foods:

Whole Wheat Bread




Bone Broth

These foods can all be enjoyed in their simple state, right as they are at the end of the recipe's above. However, I find that most of these make excellent additions and sides to many of the other dishes I concoct throughout a week.

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