Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bulgaria: Meatball Soup (and Peach Cobbler)

image taken from a google search page without permission


 Recently our dining travels have led us to the charming country of Bulgaria. Upon reading the few recipes listed under this country in the UN cookbook I was initially disappointed with the slim pickings. However, I was wrong to jump to conclusions. I tried out the 'Meatball Soup' and it wasn't much to look at when I was stirring it over the stove.
Upon first reading the recipe I had my doubts so I decided that even if it wasn't strictly 'Bulgarian' I would be sure to serve a tasty dessert to bribe the kids into trying the soup! But in the end the soup was hearty, warm and satisfying and everyone was happy to eat it up! They were also pretty happy about eating up the peach cobbler I made as the shameless bribery dessert. I would highly recommend this recipe. I read through the first few reviews and followed the suggestions to lessen the salt and sprinkled a little cinnamon and nutmeg over the peaches. Which were from a can because they were out of season.

Bulgarian Meatball Soup with fresh homemade bread and butter

 I felt like we made such a cozy little peasant family when we were around the table all happily eating such a simple, hearty dinner of meatball soup and fresh bread with thick butter!

Bulgarian Meatball Soup

Of course when it came time for dessert we were back to eating like kings!

Peach Cobbler

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