Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bolivia: Beef Empanadas with Fiesta Rice

image taken from a google search results page without permission
Our table travels have recently taken us to the exciting, inspiring, soulful South American country of Bolivia! What an adventure it was... this has been one of our favorite countries to research online and learn about. So much color and life and beautiful, soaring music! Check out this video and let it play while you read the rest of the post. It will help set the mood.

There are other, higher quality videos with similar content on you tube... but I chose this one to share with you because it seemed more authentic and spirited.

 The dish we chose from the United Nations Cookbook from the country of Bolivia was called 'Empanadas de Carne' and although it was an enjoyable dish to prepare, I don't think I did it justice.
Empanadas de Carne
In my typical, granola mom style I balked at the idea of deep frying the Empanadas and instead baked them on a sheet... they were very dry and a little hard to chew... versus the way they really should be... soft and flaky. :/

However, it is worth noting that everyone in my family was a good sport and ate them happily and without complaining... they're the best! I really enjoyed the filling as it was beautiful mix of veggies, steak and fruit all stir fried together in a pan until well cooked down and then tucked into the empanadas.

There was a bit of extra filling and I ran out of dough it in! So I saved the day by mixing it into the rice and it was soooo delicious. This I may be making again sometime soon! Who knows? Maybe I will even give deep frying a shot... sometime.

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