Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Burma: Shrimp Curry

this image was taken from a google search page without permission
The trip to Burma was short and sweet. The dish was easy to prepare, the children were enchanted with the videos of traditional dancing and music from the country. They were also kind enough to chuckle with me over the idea that since the cookbook we are traveling with was published in the 70's many of the countries names and boundaries have changed... so we are traveling in time as well as space. Totally trippy... and delicious.

So the recipe that I followed was only for the shrimp curry you see pictured above... gracing the rice with it's presence. I added the savory and divine element of garlic na'an to this meal. An addition that was well received by the family with Silas in particular showing his appreciation by telling me, "You make the best Na'an ever Mom!" This was praise I needed to get over the depths of dispair from earlier in the afternoon when I was deeply disappointed over the fact that my local grocery store isn't carrying the most delicious basmati rice ever!!![Edit and update: "Martins" started carrying it again after I made a request. It's on the bottom shelf, closer to the back of the store in the rice section, isle 7. Brand: JYOTi type: basmati supreme (imported from India) Get it. Cook it. Eat it. You won't regret it!]

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