Sunday, January 26, 2014

Albania: Pule Me Harr & Kos Me Krastabec

The second country in our travels around the world was Albania. By this point my enthusiasm for this project was building and my faith in the cookbook and my personal abilities exceeded my caution. And I invited dinner guests! There are no photos of this meal... And that's probably because it didn't look that great. Didn't taste that great either. It wasn't bad... just bland and unexciting. Pule Me Harr is basically baked chicken in walnut sauce... however my sauce didn't thicken very well and was just a bit of drippy, nut slop to put over the chicken. Disappointing. * (one star)

The Kos Me Krastabec was a simple cucumber-yogurt salad served cold. I love my own version of cucumber yogurt salad so I was very excited to try this Albanian version. However, it came out runny and goopy and lacked the zip and pizzas that I had come to expect from what I have tried before.  -* (that's right folks... if it tastes bad than we go negative!)

I had a great time listening to Albanian radio all afternoon and drinking my own wildflower and spice herbal tea blend and chatting with my lovely guest. I also enjoyed pursing the results of a google search on Albania. I mostly stuck with Wikipedia and google image searches with the keywords being 'albanian landscape/countryside/castles/lakes'... so beautiful! So next time I go to Albania for reals I will just pack a bottle of hot sauce!

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