Saturday, January 18, 2014

Afghanistan: Afghan Pelau & Ashaks

I took two weeks to get through the recipes from Afghanistan. Their were too many to chose from! First ever recipe to come to fruition was Afghan Pelau. I did not photograph this event as it was a very busy day and I wasn't resolved to record our culinary travels at this point. Basically, this was a dish served in a 9x13 ceramic casserole dish with lamb shanks underneath a full layer of rice. Everything got a healthy dose of butter, onions and slow, slow cooking. 2 1/2 hours of effort and watching over this delectable dish was worth it! And I even got some surprise visitors to share in the glorious moment with me. The most tender lamb, and most succulent rice I have ever had to date. I was so impressed with myself and satisfied! Served this with a side salad with a little feta cheese and coarsely chopped walnuts over spring green. Perfect meal! ***** (that's five stars) 

The following Sunday I tried another recipe from Afghanistan: Ashaks
The ashaks in their final presentation... and my husband eagerly anticipating!
This was an phenomenal dish! It took me a whole 3 hours of active cooking time. This was the first time ever making my own pasta... and it was an awesome and rewarding. I wish I had taken a few photos of the process because it was so involved yet simple and straightforward. This was another dish served in a casserole. However I had to break out my largest dish... a 12x17 Pyrex cooking pan. The basic composition was a layer of cream sauce, a layer of leek stuffed ravioli's another layer of cream sauce and then a layer of a beef sauce with a final sprinkling of mint. Absolutely incredible! *****

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